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Jun 11, 2001 06:06 PM

How'd I do? New Orleanian's visit to NY...

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...okay, I'm from New Orleans and spent most of four days in New York. I attended the following restaurants: Cafe Aux Bruxelles, Russian Tea Room, Miracle Grill, Pastis, Pho Viet Huong, La Nuit Noir [a basic pommes frites joint by Washington Square], and Markt. All of these were just great, but I think my best meal was at Cafe Aux Bruxelles - just terrific! Miracle Grill was also superior. Let me know what you think and some other places I should try the next time I'm downtown in a few months.

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  1. Sounds like you did some serious eating while here, and well you should! Wondering how your service was at Pastis and Markt? I've been to both places, three times each and found the table service to be really dodgey every single time.

    From your choice of restaurants, I'd suggest Montrachet in Tribeca which is more upscale but their lunch menu is reasonable, and their wine list is really nice. It's French, but lighter than traditional.

    Give the NY Chows more ideas of cuisines you're interested in....sure we can come up with a good list for your next visit.

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      Thanks for your reply. Yes the eating was serious, if somwhat suprisingly steeped in the Belgian bistro concept. The service at Pastis could best be described as distracted - the waiters seemed to be spending a great deal of time just hanging out, looking at customers and sometimes hanging out at tables they weren't serving. But the meal was terrific. As for Markt, it was an extremely busy night and I thing the waiter did a pretty good job, considering, although it took a while for hime to get the first round of drinks. I've been meaning to go to Montrachet for some time now, but I think the lunch idea sounds really good. Thanks again and I'll seek more help from this interesting crew for my next trip.