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Jun 11, 2001 01:20 PM

Pio Pio?

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I know a couple of weeks Jim said that Pio Pio would be opening its 90th Street location any day. Anyone know if it has opened yet or when it will be opening? If open, any reports about the new location?

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  1. Some friends of mine who are big fans of the Queens locale have already eaten in the NY spot...its open.

    He did mention that the mixed seafood dish only available on weekends in Queens is available all the time in ny.

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    1. re: Mark M

      Any other reports from those friends? do they like it as much? C'mon, Mark, don't hold out on us!


    2. My husband and I ate there last night. The place is small and unadorned, but comfortable. When we got there, at about 6:30, there were only a few tables occupied.

      We chose a $28 combination dinner for two: a generous salad topped with avocado, onion, tomato, radish and carrot slices; a platter of tostones (fried green plantain slices) with garlic sauce for dipping; yellow rice and red beans; an odd dish - the name was salchipapa or something like that - that consisted of crisp french fries topped with chunks of frankfurter; and a succulent barbecued chicken, cut up into serving pieces. Everything was fresh and good - particularly the seasonings used on the chicken - 'though neither of us could get into the frank and fries thing. I asked the manager about it and he said that this was a very popular dish where he came from in Peru.

      We'll definitely return - the food was tasty, the price was right and it's only a block and a half from home! They deliver, too. Keep in mind - at least for now, anyway, they don't take credit cards.

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      1. re: Dena

        Thanks for the great report, Dena. We should have warned you about the salchipapas. it's a food writing cliche to say that something's a taste worth acquiring, but this one may not be worth the effort (yes, I'm being snobby). Also, did you notice if they have pisco sours on the menu? Sure hope so...the Queens branch does 'em the best whiskey sours you ever had.

        Hey, note the dates, folks...we had our first spotting of this location on 5/22/01, and our first dining report on 6/12/01.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Jim, I didn't notice any mention of pisco sours on the menu, but I'll be sure to look for them or ask next time we go, which will be very soon, I hope.


          1. re: Jim Leff

            Jim -- went there for dinner this week and specifically asked for a pisco sour, only to have the waiter tell me that they didn't make them. Right now they have sangria, wine and beer. Hopefully this is only because the restaurant is still very new!