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Jun 8, 2001 11:20 PM

Deli Recs: 45th/Madison

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My parents are vistiting the city for the first time and I would like to provide them with some suggestions for good delis for lunch around the 45th & Madison area.

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  1. you could walk over to 42nd and 5th Ave. once there, get on the brooklyn bound F train. get off at Katz's. order a pastrami and rye.

    1. There's a good deli on the corner of Madison Avenue and 38 or 39th Street. I don't recall the name but I've had good pastrami there. Can't miss the place - look for the hanging salamis!

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      1. re: Ruby

        It's called Reubens Restaurant and it's pretty mediocre.

        You may want to send them into the food court downstairs in Grand Central for a delicious pastrami or corned beef sandwich at Mendy's. The best part of the experience is the Guss' sour dill pickle on the side (if you ask really nicely, they sometimes give you an extra!!).

        They also offer magnificent hot dogs. (I recommend with sauerkraut and extra mustard.)

        1. re: DBD

          Just to prove we all have different tastes, Mendy's was handing out free hot dogs in Rockefeller Center last week and I'm glad I didn't have to pay for mine. I also thought there sauerkraut didn't help much. But that's me.