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Mar 19, 2002 01:00 PM

Yahoo! story on SF eating

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Hello from LA -

Thought y'all might enjoy this story I found on Yahoo! today, "Bubble Bursts for San Francisco Eateries."

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. I can definitley see that it's easier to get reservations on shorter notices. However, two weeks ago I made a reservation for Gary Danko for April 10th, more than a month ahead. For a wed. night all they had available was 5:30 or 9pm. Now, that makes me think the top of the line, well worth your money kind of places aren't really suffering.

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    1. re: Wendy Lai

      as a datapoint, we've had very little trouble getting Friday reservations at high end places like Redwood Park or Gary Danko's for the last 6 months. Good places in the Mission/Noe Valley are almost empty before 7:30pm as well