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Jun 5, 2001 11:28 PM

Bars I can bring a kid to..

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Moved back here recently from europe-- NOW I have a two year old. In Paris, London etc bringing a kid to a pub/bar/cafe was no big deal, just a fact of life. Is there ANYWHERE (besides 2 boots--how much pizza can I eat???) that is kid friendly, with decent wine/full bar that we can enjoy? Downtown preferable but at this point not essential

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    Steven Stern

    dba (1st Avenue @ about 3rd St.) is crowded and awful at night, but lovely and relaxed during the day. There's a garden in the back, and beer-loving friends of mine bring their kids there often. The place unofficially called Tom & Jerry's, on Elizabeth just north of Houston is similarly unmanagable during prime time, but during the off hours, seems like just the kind of bright open space that would be ideal for kids.

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      Jeremy Osner

      Note that there is no food at either dba or Tom and Jerry's. You might try the German place on 7th and Avenue C.

      1. re: Jeremy Osner
        Michele Cindy

        Also note - most places that are more bar then restaurant tend to be VERY VERY SMOKEY, not the best atmosphere for children.
        "Real" restaurants that serve alcohol are a better choice. There's a book that's called something like NYC kid friendly restaurants. I haven't bought it yet but I plan to. We are in the same boat as you, and find dining sometimes to be a bit of a challenge these days.

        1. re: Jeremy Osner

          i would second that recommendation for zum schneider. last time i was there we saw a couple of families having a grand time, and since it's a fairly open room it doesn't get too smoky for the little ones...

        2. re: Steven Stern

          The good news: Brew's, 156 E. 34th (betw. 3rd/Lex), is dynamite for kids. Lots of regulars bring their spawn, there's tons of kid-friendly food (burgers, fries, chicken tenders, etc.), a good jukebox. The waitstaff is used to a lot of families coming in with kids, yet it's a real down-and-dirty bar. Been owned by the Brew family for 64 years.
          The bad news: Brew's is soon closing for good. Family sold the building. Ugh!!

          1. re: Steven Stern

            Please don't send kids into my beloved tom & jerry's during the daytime. it's the ONE place in NY I can find some peace. boy i'm crabby today.

          2. Went to Bohemian Hall across from Elias Corner in Astoria. There's a huge outdoor beer garden hidden behind the stone walls. Excellent Czech + German beer, some kind of food (saw it going by). Our kid (21 mos) and our friends' kid had a blast there, though they were dusty little urchins by the end of 1 beer (ours) and you have to watch the broken glass a bit. They ran around, kicked a ball, made adults smile. This was around 4:30-6. I think it's a different scene after dark, w/music, big crowds. Czech it out if you need/want to go to Queens.