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Mar 18, 2002 06:40 PM

Local Chowhound on the Boob-Tube!

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As a lurking, and occasionally contributing S.F. chowhound I thought you might enjoy seeing me be silly on the T.V. I will apparently have a brief appearance on tonights episode of "Follow That Food." that features other local bakers. This episode is: Follow That Bread, and with the exception of my contribution should be rather good. Let me know what you guys think. I was told the show is scheduled to air 10 pm EST/7:00 pm PST.


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  1. I'm not familiar with that show.

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    1. re: jordan

      Did a search on and found it on the Food Channel.

    2. Oh, I caught some of that show before seeing your post. From which part of the Bay are you from?...Anyway, it was a good show, and I'm sure you were great. Do you have a favorite baker of bread or two in the Bay Area?