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May 22, 2001 08:54 AM

Pio Pio Coming to Manhattan

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I just drove by the spot on 1st Avenue that housed the former El Pollo Peruvian Chicken joint. There's a "Pio Pio" sign over the door, and what looks like a total renovation going on inside. Anyone know more? This would be the first instance of two generations of Peruvian chicken in the same location. A first, for what it's worth.

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    Michele Cindy

    Isn't "Pio" Spanish for bird? My daughter has a Mexican Nanny, and whenever she sees a bird says Pio, Pio, Pio.
    So I guess they too will be serving chicken.

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    1. re: Michele Cindy

      I think that "pio pio" is the accepted noise Spanish speakers associate with chicks (baby chickens.) Maybe it's small birds in general?

    2. Where's the location exactly? I would love it if Pio Pio came to Manhattan! I just ate at Cocina Cuzco btw (the new Peruvian place in the E Village, on Ave. A and 4th St.)--I had the roast chicken and my boyfriend had the cerviche. The roast chicken was o.k.--not as good as Pio Pio certainly but at 6 or 7.50, not a bad deal. It was the first time I tried cerviche so maybe I'm not the best judge but neither of us liked the cerviche too much. The menu looks promising tho' and the service is warm and friendly, cozy (and uncrowded) place too.

      1. Word from the boss at the Northern Blvd/Jackson Heights Pio Pio is "yes," that they are opening a Manhattan location.

        Get ready for the best Peruvian chicken imaginable. Puts Flor De Mayo (B'way and W.100th) absolutely to shame. The french fries are extraordinary, too.