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May 16, 2001 07:17 PM

Has anyone tried ISLA??

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I'm not to familiar with Cuban cooking.Can anyone give me helpful insight on ISLA?It's on Downing Street off Varick.Thanks

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    yvonne johnson

    i was last there october last year. apps: terrific ceviche and the empanadas (mabye they go under different name--anyway, little pastries with meat inside) very good. mains (for examples, chicken with saffron and paella) not up to the standard of the mains, but still tasty. there are old posts you might wish to refer to. i don't know if you are new to the site, but go to home page and search. click your way out of here! and ps, the cocktails are really good

    1. food is good but VERY small portions and not cheap at all. stick to drinks and small plates.