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May 16, 2001 10:37 AM

Rai Rai Ken

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The new ramen place on 10th street (b/w 1st and 2nd) is really good. It's tiny, with about 10 seats along a counter behind which the ramen gets made. Menu's pretty highly concentrated, too. Soy, salt, and miso flavored ramen, gyoza, and chahan, which is a really delicious fried rice dish with egg, scallion, shrimp, scallions. The noodles are a lot better than average, with just the right amount of give to them. Same owner is responsible for Shabu-Tatsu (next door), Sobaya, and Decibel. The New York Post review gives a sense for the place, although some of the details aren't true any longer.

Anyway, I wanted to mention it because they charge $6.50 for a bowl of soup, don't sell alcohol, and don't seem to have much turnover. I fear they may not be long for this world with that kind of dollar volume.


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  1. Hi.Do you know the exact address and business hour?
    I am running a ramen web site, and would like to
    list Rai Rai Ken in my data base. If you happen to
    know, pls let me know.


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    1. re: BON

      214 E. 10TH ST.
      (212) 477-7030

      I don't know the hours of operation, but you can call them.

        1. re: Ben Appen
          Mark Goldfield

          Hours are 12 noon to 12 midnight, seven days a week. They do seem to have the best ramen in NYC.

      1. I think Rai Rai Ken's WAY overrated. Not only is the soup not that good, the gyoza are lame too.

        Ajisen on Mott is MUCH better even if it's run by Chinese people.


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        1. re: Gen

          ate there 2 nights ago....
          the gyoza were actually okay....

          but yeah the ramen was kinda lame...not bad...but lame...had 2 kinds