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May 12, 2001 03:54 AM

Any Suggestions?

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My family and I will be visiting Manhatten next month. We love excellent food, and will pay any price to get it. Any suggestions on where to go?

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  1. If you like seafood, try Aquagrill. It is definitely IMO the best seafood I have had in Manhattan. The service I have experienced has been impeccable, and the food is amazing. Make sure you make a reservation.

    For Italian, I love Lupa. Everything I have tried there so far has been fantastic.

    Good luck on your search!

    1. A lot of people on this board have posted the opinion that Nobu is the best restaurant in the city. Others go with Gramercy Tavern. Many Chowhounds have raved about Babbo. Just scroll down and read up. I envy you the ability to pay any amount of money for quality, but there are also a lot of good values in less-expensive cuisine in New York.

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        Thank you all kindly for your suggestions. I realize that we don't HAVE to pay top dollar for great food, but I'm not the one paying, so why not. Anyhow, thank you again, and I'll let you know how it goes

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          By all means pay as much money as you like! I wasn't trying to discourage you. Enjoy yourself!

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        Aditya Pradja

        Willing to pay any price ?

        Okay, try getting reservations in any one of these top restaurants :

        Le Bernadin (French Seafood)
        Daniel (French)
        Alan Ducasse (French)
        Jean Georges (French)
        Cello (French)
        Gramercy Tavern (American Creative)
        Aureole (American Creative)
        Sugiyama (Japanese)
        Lespinasse (French)
        La Grenouille (French)
        Nobu (Japanese)
        Il Mulino (Italian)
        Babbo (Italian)
        Danube (Austrian)
        Peter Luger (Steakhouse)
        Le Cirque 2000 (French)
        Shun Lee Palace (Chinese)
        Tse Yang (Chinese)
        Tabla (Indian)

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          I don't think Shun Lee Palace belongs in your list, Aditya. It's food is quite good, but I think that some cheaper Chinese restaurants, including Grand Sichuan, are BETTER.