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May 10, 2001 04:54 PM

Midtown Russian kebab spot..thanks again to Robert Sietsema

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I decided to check out Gan Eden (74 W. 47 St.) after reading the voices Cheap Eats special. It's a third-floor Bukharian (sp?) glatt kosher restaurant that seems to cater to the Diamond District crowd. The first thing we noticed upon entering the spare room was the aroma of char-grilled kebabs. The second was the prices. The $6 lunch special includes two ground-meat lola kebabs, rice, a wholesome vegetable soup and great bread -- and a drink. Two of us went for the special; the third ordered a tasty hot plate of plov, a kind of delicately flavored pilaf with lamb. At $19 before tip, none of us left disappointed, although we did notice that the charbroiled aroma had followed us back to the office. I'll have to get back there and try some of the other kebabs (lamb, chicken, etc.) and salads (Israeli, babaganoush). Although Sietsema characterized the proprietors as kinda gruff, our waitress was courteous and professional. Maybe he caught them on an off day.

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  1. Is this place still in business? Their phone number, 212-869-3596, no longer works.

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    1. re: Maxwell

      It's closed, but there is Taam Tov, couple doors East. Same repertoire.

      46 W. 47th St., 4th floor, New York, NY 10036
      between Fifth and Sixth Aves.

    2. There are two Diamond District Bukharan places I know of that are currently in business: Taam Tov & Aron's. Aron's is awful. I'm going to Taam Tov next week.

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        Aron's is horrible -- Taam Tov is actually quite good, aside from the recently added sushi side of the menu. That's as bad as one might imagine, given the fact that bukhara is a landlocked area with no real tradition of using fish for anything except a charcoal grilled kebab.