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May 9, 2001 10:32 AM


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My husband and I are going to the theater with the in-laws on Saturday, and we just made Thalia reservations, as Esca and Becco are both booked-o. Any pointers on what to order? Our reservations are at 5:45--are we going to end up with lag time prior to our 8PM theater tickets?

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  1. I just ate at Thalia last night. The newish chef, Robert Weiner, worked with Christian Delouvrier at Les Célébrités and elsewhere, and he's quite brilliant.

    The escargot are done in a delicious stew, I'd get them again. And the veal chasseur (the steepest item on the menu at $29) is worth every penny. But whatever you do, don't miss the lobster mashed potatoes, wound through with flecks of nice, chewy lobster, and redolent of roasted shells.

    There's also a $28 3-course prix fixe pre-theater menu, very popular, from the look of the crowd. Just be sure to tell them (or anyone in the Theater District) that you have an 8 o'clock curtain, and you should be absolutely fine.

    1. My friend is crazy-mad for the warm mushroom salad there, and orders it every time we go there.