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Mar 17, 2002 01:08 AM

231 Ellsworth (San Mateo)

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Has anyone been to this Restaurant lately? I need a nice restaurant in San Mateo for Dinner next week and would love to hear any suggestions!! Thanks...

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  1. I have not been to 231 Ellsworth recently but have had good food there in the past. Viognier (atop Draeger's grocery store) is also good. The Dining Room on El Camino in an old house is wonderful, but pricey. When I went I believe there were three prix fixe choices. I will be going to the new Central Park Bistro (where the short-lived Brio jazz supper club used to be) tomorrow and will give a report.

    Other Chowhounds have enjoyed Bogie's on Third Avenue (I've never been there). I like the Lark Creek Inn in Larkspur, but don't care for the Lark Creek Cafe in San Mateo, although I know people who have had enjoyable meals there.

    1. Hi -- Yes we have eaten there recently -- on Christmas Eve. It was wonderful. We also ate there for our birthdays last April -- it was wonderful.
      The service is mostly attentive, the food is interesting and well done and beautifully presented. we go there when we can -- we feel it's worth the price. (On Christmas eve, as we were leaving, the host thanked us for dressing up for the occasion. We thought that was sweet -- San Mateo is sooo t-shirt and jeans!)

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        Paul Friedman

        Better than 231, I would recommend a little place called "The Dining Room", also in San Mateo.

        This little place (and I do mean little, it only seats 30 or so) is run by Chef Jon Sears (who worked at 231 prior to opening his own place).

        Each night, he has a 6-9 course tasting menu (changes each month) which is wildly creative, or opt for his 4 course prix-fixe dinner which is durned tasty.

        February he had a 9-course tasting menu which was and "Ode to Truffles". January's menu was a 6-course with the theme of "White" - all the items were white!

        It's one of the hidden gems of the peninsula.

        The food is exquisitely prepared, priced appropriately (count on paying ~$100/person including tax/tip/etc.) I'd compare it most closely (and favorably) with Fleur de Lys in SF or V (before it went under).

        Jackets are required (as are reservations).

        ---Paul Friedman
        (tell Jon [or his wife Asa] that I sent you!)

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          i totally agree . I worked at 231 really bad experience the food is completely over seasoned