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May 5, 2001 07:15 AM

Soup, coffee, tea and supermarket

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1. How is the soup place on Pearl that used to be Souperman?

2. Porto Rico on Bleecker offers lattes, etc. (hot and iced) that are not overpriced. Any other bargain bevs around?

3. Starbucks has one and only one bargain. Venti-size iced tea ($2.11) and refills (49 cents). I like Passion (an infusion, not a tea) as real iced tea makes me feel ill ( I think there is a scientific explanation for that - can anyone tell me what it is? )

4. Any Manhattan supermarkets have Red Berry Special K (y'know freeze dried strawberries inside the cereal box.) I got mine in Queens or Long Island? Can anyone find Mocha Java Weight Watcher frozen bars? If so, where? What about WW Double Fudge frozen bars?

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  1. Regular tea on an empty stomach makes me queasy. Weak green tea is fine.

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    1. re: ironmom

      Yes! "Regular" tea, like Tetley, etc. can make me instantly queasy (tanic acid?). But other teas, I enjoy. Never could understand why "a nice cup of tea" is typically suggested when one is feeling ill. Most brands would make me feel worse!

      1. re: Alice

        If tannic acid is the culprit, you can neutralize it by adding milk.