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May 5, 2001 02:37 AM

New cafe: Home sweet harlem cafe on 135th St

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270. 135th St.a few stores east from the corner of 135th St & 7th Ave.Very village-ish cafe.This place makes a very good sweet potato pie($3).The sweet potato part has the beautiful orange color,not like brown-ish color sweet potato pies that you often find at diners around the corner.It has dense and rich flavor of sweet potato.Sweetness is just right,it's simply emphasizing natural sweetness of sweet potato.The only negative point is the pie crust. At the bottom of pie crust was soggy and almost falling apart,because the potato part is so moist.
This is my second best sweet potato pie in the harlem.My favorite is still Wimp's(125th St bet 5th Ave & Lenox).

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