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May 4, 2001 03:53 PM

Five Points

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Five Points restaurant has been mentioned a couple times on this board. Any other comments or recommendations on what to order? Is it really expensive?

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  1. I ate there a bunch last summer and really enjoyed it. I remember a fish stew (cod?) in a saffron bsed sauce. MMM good. I also had a german style white wine from the Lenz(?) winert of Longg Island that was pretty nice. About two weeks ago I ate there again and wasn't as thrilled. Maybe I hit a bad night.

    1. I've written this before about Five Points -- I go there about every other month (and have since they opened about 2 years ago) and I have never had a bad meal.

      I was just there, Tuesday, for my birthday as a matter of fact and yet another delicious meal. Highlights included: Pizzette app about $10 (with thin potatoes, grand padano and truffle oil: yum); market salads about $8; fish and pea shoot soup about $8 (delish); duck confit and pasta (house-made wide noodles across between papardelle and lasagne) $9/$18 terrific; very fresh whole wood-roasted sea bream stuffed with herbs and topped w/ gremolata $24 (most expensive thing on the menu). Chocolate fondue for the table (w/dippers including frozen banana slices, almonds, pound cake, fruit) and chocolate bread pudding that redefined bread pudding for me: ambrosial.