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May 4, 2001 02:35 PM

Mother's Day brunch

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I just spent half an hour searching past threads on this board and came up almost empty. Out of frustration, I'm looking for your help.

I need a restaurant for brunch on Mother's Day. Ideally, I'd like one that takes reservations and is prix fixe (though the first stipulation is more important than the latter).

Also, my 6-year-old nephew will be in tow, so I can't have a place that is too chichi. But I don't want an EJ's equivalent, either--not for Mother's Day.

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  1. I like Atlantic Grill- they take reservations and have a good menu- you can check on line at

    1. I suggest Barolo in Soho because it's got a big beautiful garden, is child-friendly and the food is good if you order simply. They have a large antipasto selection and different pastas that children like.
      Here's their link:

      Make reservations wherever you go since Mother's Day is the one of the most popular dining days of the year (I think Valentine's Day is #1 or 2)

      1. La Belle Epoque- Broadway /12th

        BEAUTIFUL !it is on the second floor above an antique shop and is absolutely gorgeous but not stuffy. All of the tables are round, with white lace tabecloths and each setting has different silverware and china.
        The owner, Linda,is a sweet, relaxed woman from New ORleans.. French Creole cuisine.

        They do a great brunch.. fluffy omelettes, cornichons and cured meats, french toasts, a variety of salads chock full of ... everything .service is slow at times