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May 4, 2001 11:20 AM

What is the best table at Babbo (location-wise)?

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It's my dad's 50th b-day and it will be the five of us. I was wondering if I could ask them for a table that's not going to be close to the kitchen or bathroom or smth like that. What would you suggest?

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    Martha Gehan

    Ask to sit upstairs. It's much more spacious. The downstairs, which I prefer because it's livelier, is a little cramped. But the way the downstairs is configured none of the tables are really close to the kitchen or bathrooms--the dining room narrows into a little hall where the bathrooms are and the kitchen is behind there. I think a party of five will be more comfortable upstairs. The space is serene and pretty, with a nice skylight. Have a great time!

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      we like the table/booth tucked next to the far end of the bar.