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May 2, 2001 02:45 PM

Looking for a place around Macy's area

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Hi all,I'll be staying on west 31st in June. Are there any cool or funky...eclectic places to eat around this area? Not too expensive but not cheap either. Thanks....much appreciated....Richie

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  1. I work in the area. Really nothing. Lot's of Korean restaurants on 32nd between Broadway & 5th. The new steakhouse at Madison square garden, (32nd between 7th & 8th Avenues, south side of street). But not much otherwise. Take a cab, bus, subway, or walk somewhere else for good food.

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      I used to work around there, and will second this. Foodwise, it's a pretty dead part of town. Soul Fixins is worth a visit for soul food -- 34th St. between 7th and 8th. They do a lot of takeout, and have a handful of tables. A lot of their business is lunch -- I think they close early.

      1. re: Chris E.

        Just a correction. Soul Fixins is on 34th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues (not 7th & 8th). It's on the North (uptown) side of the street, much nearer to 9th.

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          Anil Khullar

          OTH, to me, Keens is still cool hundred year later ;-)
          Good single malts,cigars.....

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            Keens is cool, old-fashioned place, but definitely not funky. Go by for a beer if nothing else. If you feel like taking a short stroll, try Market Cafe on 9th Ave near 38th (496 9th?). Spare little cafe with consistently good food and service. It's not funky either, but I just like the joint and the nondescript area.

      2. Try SEVEN on Seventh Av.
        Unfortunately, Old Navy has closed Torpedo Joe's. More money in t-shirts for the sq. footage, I guess.

        1. Hi --

          Just had to use this opening to recommend some excellent take-out in the area of Macy's. Limited seating and no atmosphere at either place, but the food is terrific.

          Al's Deli very near the Northwest corner of 35th Street and 7th Avenue has the most delicious Greek Spinach Pie in the neighborhood! Big portions, real cheap ($3.25).

          India Valley, in the 7th floor Food Court at the Manhattan Mall betw 32nd and 33rd Street on Broadway has delicious Indian dishes, lots of garlic and coriander, fresh yoghurt or raita dressing and also great prices.

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            Still very high on Al's, but had to post a correction:

            Al's is just off the SOUTHWEST corner of 35th and Seventh, not the northwest corner.

            Spanakopita 4ever!