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May 1, 2001 10:41 AM

Brasserie de Boeuf/Brasserie Bit

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Has anyone been? I have a reservation for Saturday, but have read mixed reviews and am uncertain I want to keep it. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    david sprague

    Been to Brasserie Bit, albeit several months back, and was thoroughly underwhelmed by the food. I'd had cocktails at the bar a number of times, and the bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable--and they serve up a nice array of beers as well as some interesting house cocktails.

    the food offerings, however, are mediocre at best: an onion tart appetizer arrived soggy and redolent of the microwave; most cold dishes likewise seemed like they'd been fixtures in the kitchen for a spell. the mains weren't terrible, but decidedly uninspired--not even the hot sauce provided to zest up the free hardboiled eggs at the bar could salvage a cassoulet, for instance....

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      Brasserie Bit WAS pretty mediocre. Then they changed managers and chefs and names (it's now Brasserie de Boeuf). David Ruggerio is the chef, and he's mighty fine! He's out from under his legal troubles now, and has come out swinging. It might be a good idea to see if he'll be there the night you are. Accept no substitutes!