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Apr 30, 2001 12:27 PM

first time in new york

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I had asked in an earlier post about One if by Land for a special b-day dinner and got interesting responses. We will be in NYC for the 1st time at the beginning of June. While there, I turn 50 and want to go somewhere special......My husband doesn't like fussy food but he doesn't mind paying top dollar for a meal either. We like American cuisine...aren't big drinkers....but are looking for some place special for our first trip to!!

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  1. I would recommend Gramercy Tavern. It's a fixed-price menu, so you'll know up front how much you can expect to pay.

    The room is one of the coziest I know, and the staff is gracious and unpretentious. The food, particularly the desserts, is outstanding.

    For a weekend reservation, expect to have to book about a month in advance.

    1. Hi,I would go to the Four Seasons.I went there once many years ago and I will never forget it.

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        Richie, if the last time you went to Four Seasons was many years ago, why do you believe that's a sound basis on which to recommend it today? I loved Foo Joy in the 1970s, but that would hardly be a sound basis for me to recommend it now - especially as the restaurant has been closed for a couple of decades or more. :-) (I have never eaten at the Four Seasons and, thus, have no opinion on its quality, but I would observe that some chowhounds have been giving it abuse lately.)

        1. re: Pan

          Sorry Pan,I didn't realize it had gotten that bad. I just remember having a nice memorable meal there.Guess it's time for a revamp there.Sounds like it's gotten kinda dirty lately.

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        Dave Feldman

        First of all, congratulations on getting such a short, descriptive handle on AOL.

        For a splurgey American, I think I'd agree with Gramercy Tavern. Fine food, unpretentious and upbeat atmosphere in a lovely setting, excellent desserts, and winning service.

        GT offers a wonderful wine selection, but you won't be treated as a second-glass citizen if you want to drink nothing at all.

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          George Lynch

          I'd have to agree that Gramercy Tavern would be the top choice. I'd also consider Union Pacific.

          For romantic and VERY New York, you might consider either Windows on the World and the River Cafe.