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Apr 30, 2001 11:44 AM

Affordable Greek in Manhattan

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I'm looking for a moderately priced Greek restaurant in Manhattan--I'm not interested in traveling to Astoria, or in going to the pricey places around 55th & 7th. I want great fish and yummy appetizers: skordalia and the like.

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  1. Molyvos is good but doesnt fit your price criterion.

    I suggest Bennies (321 1/2 amsterdam between 75th and 76th, 749-7500) if you are looking for good mezze but bennies is Lebanese, not greek -- not like it matters. Lots of mediterranean/middle eastern vegetarian antiapsto/mezze things there. Personally I prefer the Jersey branch because they have better felafel but Bennies is as good as youre gonna get in manhattan for mezze, especially their baba ghanoush (melitzanosalata)

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      Josh Mittleman

      We like Niko's, on Broadway at 76th. The meze are good and the grilled fish is excellent.

      I had good food at Uncle Nick's, on 9th Ave. betw 50th and 51st, but that was a while ago. We plan to try it again soon.

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      1. re: Josh Mittleman

        yeah, Uncle Nicks isnt bad either. They made a pretty decent turkish coffee too.

        and after the mezze, you can go down the street to Grand Sichuan! :)

        1. re: Jason Perlow

          Thanks for the suggestions.

          I've been to Uncle Nick's a bunch of times (probably the only Greek place in Manhattan I've been to), so I am looking for something new. Maybe Ithaka will fit the bill....

          Bennie's is three blocks away from my apartment, and since it's one of my husband's favorites we stop in there often. It's a great place for a quick lunch or dinner. But I want something new--and GREEK.

          With that in mind, any further suggestions?

          1. re: gab

            send me a private email, I might be able to help you a bit more, thanks.

            1. re: Jason Perlow

              Ithaka is wonderful! It is as close to a Greek taverna as you can get. They have a garden too and I think it is warm enough to eat out back. My Greek in-laws love it and so do I. It is perfectly resonable and in a lovely part of Greenwich Village. Do a search on Chowhound it has been written about before.

            2. re: gab
              Anil Khullar

              Molyvos (sp?) two blocks south of Carnegie (55th & 7th)
              is worth a visit.

              1. re: gab

                I have not been yet but a friend of mine was raving (particularly the salads) about a new Greek place on E 7th st (I think betw A & B) called Its Greek to Me. Apparently they have another place in NJ but just opened up in nyc.

                1. re: Mark M

                  It's on 7th between 1st & A. I passed it several times this past weekend and was very curious about it. Glad to hear the good report.

                  1. re: Lauren
                    Jason Perlow

                    They have 3 branches in NJ, one in Cliffside Park, one in Fort Lee and the other in Englewood.

                    I like the Cliffside branch best. Great avgolegmono soup, great doner and souvlaki. Excellent pastitsio.

                    Good to hear they are in NYC now.

                    The owner BTW, frequently eats at Bennies in Englewood. :) I think bennies has better mezze.

                    1. re: Jason Perlow

                      There's also a branch in Ridgewood, NJ, on E. Ridgewood ave, near the train tracks.

                    2. re: Lauren

                      The name of the restaurant is Pylos. I haven't been but I've heard great things.


                      1. re: aeros

                        Did you realize this thread was from 2001? It's Greek to Me used to be on 7th between 1st and A at that time - near but not in exactly the same space Pylos is in now.

                  2. re: gab

                    Ithaka is okay. Better with traditional Greek dishes. Their grilled octopus does not compare to Periyali's. We went to Pylos Monday night. These are my favorites (not sure they meet your "moderate" criteria):

                    *Astoria (Kyclades, etc.) - per your OP Astoria is NOT an option
                    *Pylos (don't care for the grilled octopus w/ balsamic vinegar or 3 cheeses in a clay pot, otherwise we've eaten just about everything on the menu. Anny's Animus is our favorite wine & ask them to tell you the story.)
                    *Periyali (grilled octopus is a signature dish)

                    Have not been to Ethos or Uncle Nick's. Don't care for Kellari in midtown.

              2. Ithaka on Bedford St, off 7th Av
                excellent grilled fish!

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                1. re: sy

                  Ithaka is on the UES, used to be downtown years ago.

                  Is there another Ithaka?

                2. I don't know what your limit on moderate price is but we tried Molyvos last month for under $100 for 2 with drinks and desserts.

                  1. Ithaka! It's on Bedford Street. It's absolutely fabulous.