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Apr 27, 2001 07:19 PM

Thanks Robert Sietsema!!!!!

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We're thrilled with this week's Village Voice article by R.S. Which restaurant should we try first? For those who've missed it, here's the link. Apologies if mention's already been made--I'm too beside myself to do a search :o) :o).


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  1. go to pan pan! went there a couple of weeks ago based on a post of sietsema's on these boards. thanks robert, btw!

    go to pan pan! and get only chicken and waffles!

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      Adam Stephanides

      I was surprised to see Minar making the top twenty. I'd eaten there a number of times when I worked in the area, and while it was certainly far superior to the terrible overpriced salad bars the neighborhood teems with, it never struck me as being great. Maybe I should have ordered something besides the dosas (which Robert Sietsema did not mention in his write-up).


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        Minar is not known for doing Dosas, so rightly
        Robert did not mention it. For dosas in that neighborhood, go a block south to 30th (between 5th & Bwy) a kosher place called Dimple.