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Apr 27, 2001 07:10 PM

Shwarma on Macdougal

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I think it was this board where I just read someone mentioning his/her favorite mid-eastern spot on Macdougal St. A Shwarma sandwich that sounded just wonderful - great ingredients. Does anyone remember the restaurant's name??? This would be for take-out. Will be in W. Village tomorrow. (On the prowl for goodies to take back to the Upper West Side.) Thanks!

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    Caitlin Wheeler

    I have done a systematic survey of many of the places on MacDougal Street -- I believe Mamoun's has the best falafel, but King Shawarma has the best shawarma. Yatagan makes a great Turkish pizza, and the Turkish grill (around the corner on Bleecker St) has really good takeout dips and salads (taramasalata was excellent, as was a white bean salad) All these places are incredibly cheap, and are on MacDougal between W. 3rd and Bleecker.

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      King Shwarma WAS by far the best, it has been a regular stop for me for over 10 years. Alas, I walked by two weeks ago and it was shut with the funky chairs stacked up and the counter empty. No sign on the door to indicate whether it's closed for good or undergoing a much needed renovation. Anybody with updated info?

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        King Shwarma's storefront is now a gift shop.

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      andrew reibman

      also, not to be missed are the zuchinni pancake at turkish grill, and the makdous (stuffed marinated eggplant) at mamoun's.