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Apr 27, 2001 01:51 PM


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Where are the best take out salads in nyc ???

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    Caitlin McGrath

    I like Tossed on Park Ave So just below 23d (there's also one on the Rockefeller Center concourse). The ingredients are fresh, usually they're pretty good about serving only ripe things, etc. It's a bit steep at $8 for choice of greens plus four veggie/fruit/nuts/cheese ingredients and extra for meat, chicken, etc., but the salads are definitely meal-sized. Also, they have a number of house combos, which can be a better deal in terms of how many different ingredients you get, especially because they're happy to let you make several substitutions. I find their straight vinaigrette-style dressings to be much too acidic, and prefer more complex choices like the honey-balsamic (not too sweet) or citrus chipotle (not very spicy). You can check out the menu on

    1. I love the garden salad with feta from Moustache on East 10th St (they also have a West Village branch). It's available with or without strips of delicious grilled chicken laid across it. The salad consists of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, crumbled feta, onions, peppers, marinated hot green peppers and black oilves. It is fantastic and so perfectly seasoned that I don't even bother with any dressing. It's not cheap, but it's enormous (I sometimes eat half for dinner and have the other half for lunch the next day.) Moustache, which has many other marvelous things on offer (felafel, zatter, thin-crusted pizzas, freshly made pita)also has delicious side salads. If you buy three, there's a discount, and three would more than make a meal. My favorite is the spinach and chick pea combination, but the foul and baba gannoush are great as well. I am not so fond of the hummus, which is a little bitter-tasting or the tabbouleh, which has so much chopped parsley in it that eating it is like chomping on a mouthful of grass. Moustache is my absolute favorite take-out place and they deliver, too.

      1. When I worked in the area, I used to love the salads at Olive's (Prince and Greene?). Their ingredients were always fresh and they have several standard salads that you could get every day including spinach, ceasar, and a mixed green salad. They also had terrific daily salad specials - a small version of something special and a larger version called a market salad that was truly a meal. Oftentimes the special salad would include unique combinations of grilled salmon or steak or fresh mozzerella with interesting side ingredients. They also have very good soup. Can be a little pricey though.

        1. In the Gramercy Park/Union Sq. area, try Irving on Irving which has a tossed-to-order salad bar with fresher ingredients than Chopt or Tossed as well as a great selection of "artisan"salads, chicken, italian grain with pesto, wild rice, etc. Very reasonable and they deliver until 9pm.

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            I disagree with the assessment that Chopt doesn't have fresh ingredients. I eat lunch from there at least three times a week now. I like it BECAUSE of the freshness. I hope I'm not wrong but it seems fresher than all of the others. I will try Irving though. It sounds good.

            1. re: Bill

              I have tried them all.
              Tossed is a rip off-
              Irving is ordinery-
              Pax is grosse.
              For Salad in NYC I give the blue Ribbon to Chop't on 17th street.
              The line is too long sometimes but the salads are just real good.
              The oners are nice too.
              The dreessings are my faverite part.

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              Caitlin Wheeler

              I like Healthy Pleasures (on University Pl and 12th St, and Broome St. bet. Sullivan and Thompson) Their salad bar is very fresh, varied (including grilled chicken, baked salmon, stuffed grape leaves, fresh asparagus, changes every day) all organic and very tasty. It can get pricey, but I think it's usually worth it!

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              1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

                Healthy Pleasures does have a good salad bar but don't assume everything is organic. They call themselves a 'natural supermarket' and try to have organic ingredients when possible. If you check out their produce section, some of the fruits & vegs are labeled 'conventional' or 'transitional' (not government-certified organic yet). I always look at the number code on the sticker on the fruit or veg I'm buying beforehand - if the number starts with a '9' it's organic and if it starts with a '4' it's not.