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Apr 27, 2001 01:37 PM

La Flor de Broadway;Good cuban sandwhich joint

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3401 B'way at 138th st. 926-4190
Not a new place but I haven't seen any posts about this place.I love this place,I love people working here,especially the sandwhich chef who is always making a sandwhich cubano with his passion & pride.He only charges $2.50!for a sandwhich.This place literally a small sandwhich joint.There is a only counter,no stools,no tables.The chef is standing behind the incredibly clean counter where he makes sandwhiches.You can make a sushi on this counter,so clean!I've tried many cuban sandwhich places in NYC,and this place makes the most tightly heat pressed cuban sandwhich,as far as I know.The sandwhiches here are pressed very hard,so the sandwhich looks like a pice of wooden board,so flat.As a result,breads and fillings are perfectly married. Every part of sandwhich evenly warm,and you feel that eating a sandwhich,not breads and meats.I'm not sure that this is the best cuban sandwhich in NYC,but It's better than the most other places,I think. This place always gives me a warm feelling even though I'm not Cuban.No matter where you're from,who you are,good foods always make people happy.

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  1. So, we meet again. Although my search for the best cubano hasn't been that extensive, I like the ones at Spanish American Food (aka Chuchifritos) on 13th St. by 1st Ave. Have you tried those? They're humungous.

    I know what you're saying about the warmth of a place, and the care they make their food with. It makes the food taste better, doesn't it?

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      Yes,I have.I've tried well known places like Spanish Amerian,National cafe,some places in chelsea,etc...and also places on B'way from 125 th st to 200 th st are,as well as other part of NYC.And I'm still searching.Any information would be appreciated.

      1. re: Aki

        Sandy's restaurant on 116th and 2nd is the best I've found so far. I haven't been to too many on the west side but this is my favorite right now. I like the fact that they put the chicharones [fried pork skin] in the sandwich to give it a little crunch.