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Apr 27, 2001 09:38 AM

Most Romantic Restaurant in NYC

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I am celebrating my girlfriend's birthday in two months, and therefore I'd love to get reccomendations from all of you out there. I am looking for the most romantic restaurant in NYC and surrounding areas.

I've been to the Rainbow Room, Water Club, Terrace in the Sky, Windows on the World, One If By Land, TIBS, CafÉ Des Artises, Daniel, Le Bernadin, Lespionasse, Jean Georges, Fire Bird, Water's Edge, Bryan Park Grill, Nirvana, The Boathouse, Tavern on the Green, Top of the Tower, Russian Tea Room, and Le Cirque,.

So, I need a newer, fresher suggestion here.

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  1. I'm sorry: I don't have an answer but a question for you. I booked a table at the Water Club for lunch (in may, so I requested a table outside). Did you like it? How's the food? And especially, how are the views?



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      How about the River Cafe in Brooklyn? Fabulous food and an incredible view of the Brooklyn bridge and the Manhattan skyline...

    2. Hi David, seems like you've covered a lot of romantic places already and could probably give us a few pointers. Way to go!

      I don't know if I'd say the following restaurant is the "most romantic" but I always found it to be one of the prime romance spots, the food is good and the view is spectacular - The Terrace in the Sky at Butler Hall, 400 W. 119 Street. I haven't been there in a few years but you can check out their website, the menu and the view for yourself below:

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          I'm going to have to strongly DISAGREE with Ruby here. I had a terrible meal one Valentine's day at the Terrace in the Sky. The food was terrible and the service was worse...and when I got the bill i couldn't believe it...I could practically have eaten at Le Bernadin for those prices...and at Le Bernadin, I wouldn't have had to travel through a college dormitory to get there.

          1. re: Tom G

            Hi, sorry to hear your dinner was so disappointing; especially on Valentine's Day.

            As I'd mentioned in my earlier post, I hadn't been there for a few years (twice for a birthday dinner and once for New Year's Eve) yet I still feel it's a *romantic* restaurant. The Terrace is probably hit or miss in the food area like many other restaurants that depend on a view or particular ambiance. Yet, I kind of liked walking around the campus, entering the building, and when reaching the Terrace penthouse I found the view very dramatic. I could see Fred & Ginger there very easily and IMO that's romantic.

        2. I'd go to "Alison on Dominick Street" - 38 Dominick, between Hudson & Varick. Good food (Country French), dark and romantic, a bit expensive but not in the realm of ridiculous. Not nearly as grand as the places you mention, but grand doesn't necessarily equal romantic.

          1. Grammercy Tavern is quite lovely, and great food and service.

            1. I am spending my birthday at Gramercy Tavern next week. GT always makes me feel special. Feeling special, good food and the company of my husband makes for a romatic my eyes