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Apr 26, 2001 05:25 PM

Hong Sun Noodle Shop

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Has anyone ever been to Hong Sun Noodle Shop, which I believe is on Mott between like Hester/Broome/Grand.
I walk by there almost every day at lunch, and they've always got AT LEAST one person standing at the "to-go window." I haven't been able to spot any English writing but see lots of bun-type food being bought. I'm very, very curious about this place, anyone have experience with it?

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  1. I went after work yesterday and kind of waited til they brought out a fresh tray of steamed pork buns. I actually watched for a while to see what people were getting and that seemed to be the only choice at the moment.
    So for 60 cents, I got a bun that was pretty big and mostly bun but quite good. Inside had a a small gob of a pork mixture.