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Apr 26, 2001 10:15 AM

Pam's Real Thai Food

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Tried Pam's Real Thai Food (404 W. 49, just off 9th) last night after reading Robert Sietsema's snippet about it in this week's Voice. I can't offer too much insight since we had to order peculiarly (companion had been up all night before yakking bad mussels or sushi) -- gingery dishes to settle the stomach, simple noodles -- but I did sneak in a BBQ beef salad that was zesty, vibrant and fun. It could have used some more heat, but my guess was that they probably watered down the chiles based upon the rest of our order and would happily keep it at full strength for other people, or certainly if asked. But salads are my bellweather of a Thai restaurant, so to me this bodes well, and the place merits further investigation when stomachs are at normal strength.

Sadly, the room was completely empty at 8 pm, and only one other person (Thai guy, Voice in hand) came in after us. The staff are very friendly and unassuming, so I hope they get more folks and that the food prospects pan out.

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