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Apr 26, 2001 09:59 AM

Best Tapas ?

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Do you people know where's the best Tapas restaurant in Manhattan ?

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  1. I really like El Cid except that the place is always crowded and there's always a wait even if you make reservations.

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    1. re: Kiki

      I also like El Cid, although it is small, and so fills up quickly.

      Another option is Xunta on 1st Ave near 10th st., which has good patatas bravas and sangria among other yummy choices. Xunta can also get crowded, but it is much bigger than El Cid and so easier to get a table (or barrel).

      1. re: Aaron Tell

        Hi Aaron, How've ya been? Have you ever had the paella at El Cid? I have not because I can never stop ordering the tapas but I'd be interested to know if its worth forgoing the shrimps ajillo and the best garlicky potato salad on earth. Hope you are doing well. SB

    2. Last summer I posted about Dahlia, a tapas place on Amst at 108th. It was a stylish little place we visited on an Asimov recommendation, and had very tasty tapas and good sangria. I dont make any reps that it has or had "the best tapas" but we liked it very much. There have been no subsequent posts about Dahlia and I dont even know if it is even still there. Any more recent intelligence on this?

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      1. re: jen kalb
        Mary Shaposhnik

        I am 97% sure it is closed. I headed there with a friend about 2 weeks ago, after a stint at Columbia, and from across Amsterdam it appeared completely papered up. However I didn't walk down the block to make sure (hence my generous 3% of doubt).

        1. re: Mary Shaposhnik
          Caitlin McGrath

          i seem to remember reading somewhere (NY Times?) that it was in the process of becoming something else, but I don't recall what.

      2. My personal preference would be El Cid, its really quite wonderful. There have been a fair number of posts about tapas on these boards so do a search here. Also, The New York Times did a capsule summary of tapas in the city just last week so go to the NY Times site and do a search there. (and don't forget to order fino sherry with your tapas, mmmmm....)

        1. I like Domingo's (next to Wollensky's Grill on 49th Street off Third). It's getting to be the time of year when their upstairs outdoor terrace opens.