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Apr 25, 2001 11:28 AM

Mary's Fish Camp: Wow.

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Dinner last night at MFC. I could go on and on about it, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum. We had a special app. of fried sardines (greaseless, crunchy, superb) and a bowl of lobster knuckles (tender and sweet) to start, then the soft shell crabs. Soft shells were crisp, buttery perfection served atop a simple grill of onion, asparagus, and wonderfully sweet tomato.
The biggest surprise was dessert. We had the financier with blackberry compote, which was one of the best sweets I've had in recent memory - dense and moist with an accompanying mound of fruit that prompted obscene moaning.
The only downside I can see is the possibility of an extremely long wait, like in the 2hr range on busier nights. But despite the fact that they were being run ragged, service was very friendly.

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  1. lauren
    i am dying to try marys fish camp.
    may i ask what time you went and how long the wait was.

    i appreciate it

    lisa p

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    1. re: lisa p

      We went around 9:30 and were told that the wait would be 45min to an hour. The hostess took my cell #, but she called before we made it more than a few blocks. Apparently a few couples never returned to claim their seats, so we got very lucky. I assume they're pretty busy no matter what, but I'd advise against going on a weekend as Mary told us that by 5:45 on a Saturday they've usually taken enough names to fill the place up twice over. But to reiterate, the meal we had was worth any hassle.

      1. re: Lauren

        ok, i know it isn't the same, but i had a take-out at mary's on a saturday night, and it took only 10 minutes!

        the wait for tables was 90 minutes+...

        but, yes, mary's is absolutely wonderful. been there several times (to eat) and had great service, great food, etc...

        1. re: bobgaj

          I went last Tuesday night promptly at 7:00 pm and was told it would be about a half hour wait. We got a pint of pilsner and settled into the tiny little bench by the front door and it was barely 15 minutes before we were seated at the counter.

          I'm doomed to never order any of the specials or other menu items because I must get my fix of the lobster roll (and I hate to share it). Yum.

          We did start with the oysters which were excellent and served with that great vinegary dipping sauce. My friend had the lobster pan stew which was so hearty and creamy and full of lobster - it's hard to beat.

    2. though i've never tried a lobster roll you've all made me dream about them.

      where is mary's?

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      1. re: emily

        Mary's is at the corner of W.4 and Charles Street. If you go, don't skip the financier! You could also try Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia Street; Mary's Fish Camp is run by a former co-owner.

        1. re: Lauren

          I agree with Lauren, Pearl is a small place, with
          excellent value. Keep in mind it does get crowded since
          it is a tiny place.