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Apr 24, 2001 03:49 PM

NL - Any review ?

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Recently NYT reviewed a new Dutch restaurant called
NL - Has anybody visited this ? Any review ?

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  1. I am Dutch, so I guess I could be considered an expert. First of all, I like the setting. The place is small, slightly trendy. Don't go there for a romantic dinner for two: for such dinners NL is not the right place. But it's the right place if you want to try something new, in a trendy minimalist setting.
    Then the food: yes it is typical Dutch, so I might be prejudiced, but I thought it was very good. I had the croquet to start with and then the delicious Kouseband, a Surinam dish (our kitchen is highly influenced by our former colonies, like Surinam and Indonesia). The wine was good too. It's not cheap, and I actually thought it was a little too expensive, but for the rest, I was quite satisfied!

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      I thought the same. The herring tartare was very rich & very nice. Also liked the monkfish carpaccio. As a main, the chicken roti was good, the rabbit excellent. Not as many beers as the reviews indicated. Price was a little high, but reasonable. Not nearly as obscene as a place like Wallsee, given the quality of the ingredients and cooking that NL provides. Overall, I liked it and would definitely go back. Go early to avoid the crowds - the place is small and it's nice not to be crowded in with other diners.

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        Joris, Thanks. I wanted to go when it first was
        written up, but since I was flying to AMS for a few days just that week - it escaped my mind ;-)

        Will try ;-)

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          Anil Khullar

          We went the other day to NL.

          One enters right into a pantry like situation.It is a tiny place, less that say 36-40 seats. The seating is tight. Joris mentioned that it isn't a romantic dinner for two ;-) - On the table next to us, was probably a
          couple on either their first or maybe second date.
          If there is a downside to this place, then it is the
          fact that one has to whisper, or the conversation will
          interspread on to adjacent tables :-(

          We went there for late dinner ( 9:30ish). The menu is limited. We ordered a bottle of red wine (chianti) to go with our meals.

          For the starter, I had Mustard Soup - excellently done.
          I nibbled on the fish appetiser my wife ordered.

          For the main course we had roti and seafood tartare (was it tuna ??). The roti was OK, the sauce was spicy
          but the tartare was very well done. This place is not

          The thing *not* to order is rijsttafel - I was
          talking to the waitperson, and he mentioned that there
          were three different dishes with the rice on a plate.
          Maybe I'm biased, having recently returned from a
          trip to Amsterdam where I had mostly rijstaffel.