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Apr 24, 2001 10:50 AM

Take-out for train ride home

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We're coming to NY this weekend and will be taking the train home on Sunday, from 3-8 p.m. Would like to get some good take-out to eat for dinner on the train. Great sandwiches would be fine, or anything else that doesn't need heating or refrigeration and will keep for several hours. Anyplace on the west side would be fine. We're leaving from Penn Station but may go up to the Museum of Natural History on Sunday, so either of those neighborhoods or anyplace in between would work. Please help!

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  1. You might try Zabar's at 79th St and Broadway (northwest corner.) If they're not too crowded, they'll usually pack your stuff for carry-out.

    I'm trying to think of non-messy foods. Containers of excellent tuna and chicken salad along with a hard roll are a posibility. (Their pre-made sandwiches are nothing special, tho adequate.)There are cold soups--borscht, gazpacho, etc. You can choose from barrels of of olives, lots of cheeses, salamis, etc, etc. There are plastic pop-open containers with many varieties of salads that come with sides of prepared dressing. They have a gazillion choices! (I may be alone in this--but I feel that their huge counter with fresly prepared foods LOOK good--but all taste rather the same--like one dressing for all the salads--and one sauce for all the meats. Kinda heavy-going.) But for a picnic on a train, there are plenty of other choices. Enjoy the trip!

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      "You might try Zabar's at 79th St and Broadway (northwest corner.)"

      Except that they're north of 80th St.

    2. For nice, refreshing, casual mid-Eastern type food, try the take-out at Bennies - Amsterdam Ave, bet. 74th and 75th - east side of the street. The babaganoush is wonderfully smoky. Good hummus, too! They have all kinds of cold salads and some hot dishes. They'll give you pita bread and ingredients if you want to make up a sandwich (i.e., felafal and tahini sauce, etc.) -- or they will make it up there - for your trip home. VERY savory food. Nice!

      1. I'm surprised any of the commuter lines even allow
        food aboard since most of them were taken over years
        ago by govt. agencies (NJT, MTA)

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          The MTA makes a fair amount of money by selling food and drink to be consumed in its rail cars. All those rolling bars trackside at Grand Central Terminal are owned and operated by the MTA. The MTA also makes a lot of $$$ from the rent of all those restaurants and take-away shops in Grand Central which sell food easily eaten, well guess where.

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          Brian Wickham

          We recently attempted the same thing for a trip to Wash DC. Believe me, there is nothing in, or near, Penn Station worth eating, so you will have to buy something before you get there. On the return trip we bought chicken caesar wraps at Au Bon Pain in Union Station. They were fresh made and traveled well. If you decide on that, there is an Au Bon Pain in the Empire State building - 33 St side. I'm sure you can do better but it's a backup plan if all else fails.