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Apr 21, 2001 08:20 PM

Meigas a big letdown.....

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Went to Meigas last nite.
Overall not very good.
Squid ink appetizer was very good as well as the sangria.
Tuna appetizer was nothing special and looked like tuna from the can!
Rib eye was so tough and flavorless I had to send it back.
Husband had the suckling pig which was served cold and tasted average at best.
The service was very good and very professional but the food did not warrant a second visit anytime soon.
We were very disappointed

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  1. I can't say it was as bad as you reported but, I don't know what the big deal is. The raves over the suckling pig seem exagerated. I think that people would love for NYC to have an "authentique" Spanish restaurant and this one gets hyped for that reason. The same thing happend with "authentique" cassoulets during the French bistro craze in the late 80's. They were never really the real deal.

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      I have been to Meigas probably 20 times, and I am consistently astounded by Luis Bollo's creativity. If you go looking for anything approaching traditional Spanish food, you are bound to be disappointed; if you free your mind, you just may find it blown.

      BTW, the suckling pig is not the best dish at Meigas, just the best-known. This is a place where it pays to order the most complicated dishes rather than the simplest.

      1. re: Pepper

        Okay you convinced me to try it again (that wasn't hard was it?). But I have to admit I'm a skeptic. That they don't let you bring your own wine there (and that their list is sucky) doesn't help them.

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          There are more albarinos on the Meigas list than there are anyplace else in town -- that varietal goes so well with the cooking there, and there's always another one to try. It's light on big-ticket dueros and such, but there's definitely stuff to drink. I actually like idiosyncratic lists made by people who are into wine better than I do lists stuffed with Parker faves.

    2. I tried Meigas last month for a birthday celebration, and had a very nice time. I don't blow hundreds of dollars on meals that often, so when I do, I hope to be impressed. And I was.

      We did the tasting menu which consisted of tapas (the oxtail croquette is the only one I remember vividly), cod-stuffed piquillo peppers, squid in its ink, pompano with saffron rice, suckling pig and a dessert sampler. I was especially pleased by an unusual cheesecake concoction served with a tart neon green sauce (from which fruit I couldn't deduce) and a tangy accompaniment of walnuts, apples, gorgonzola and vinegar. The only letdown was the suckling pig. My piece was perfectly fine, but my dining companion's seemed to consist of more fat than meat.

      The waitstaff is a bit on the intimidating/gruff side (I think it's supposed to be charming in this twisted way), though perfectly knowledgeable. But the chef seemed very cordial when he checked to see how we were enjoying our meal.

      I'd definitely go back, but might not opt for the suckling pig.

      1. I suspect that they have some VERY off nights there. It seems like 95% of the eating population rant and rave about this place (including every professional review). However, I too was very disapointed. A group of 12 went there on the day before X-mas eve - which was probably a mistake.
        Nothing that anyone had rose above just good, and some dishes were downright bad. Pig was decent, tender, but flavorless, squid ink was gritty, murky, thick and lacking in flavor, tuna app. tasted a little too canned, desserts were terrible (something with tyme foam, and a sweet gorgonzola bread pudding were not eaten by a single person at our table).

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        1. re: Brad K.

          i agree with you completely
          meigas has been written up in new york mag and time out new york for the suckling pig.....
          i thought it was flavorless and very overrated!!