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Apr 19, 2001 01:42 AM

Tasty Chinatown restaurant w/lowfat steamed/boiled choices

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Next Saturday, my aunt will be in town. My parents, my aunt, I, and presumably my cousins are planning on meeting somewhere in Chinatown (i.e. probable party of 7, incl. 1 child). My father is on a very lowfat, low-sugar diet (diabetic w/o gallbladder). We need a restaurant where he can eat, and which takes reservations. My father likes lowfat noodle soups. He ate recently at the Pho Nha Trang branch on Centre St. near Walker, which served him very lowfat pho which he liked (my parents liked the place very much but I wasn't with them and can't personally vouch for their recommendation), so that place is a possibility. His standby in the neighborhood is NY Noodle Town, which would be very crowded on a Sat. night and doesn't take reservations. My other idea was to go to a Shanghainese restaurant like Shanghai Gourmet or Evergreen Shanghai, where I know he could get noodle soup. What do you suggest? I'd like to try a restaurant I haven't been to, or not recently, anyway. Unfortunately, Malaysian is pretty much out for him because it's so hard to get lowfat Malaysian food. I await your recommendations with the assurance that you will give me some good suggestions, and I thank you all in advance.

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  1. I have never eaten at the Chinatown branch, but I hosted a big 75th birthday party at the midtown branch and, as you can imagine, there was a pretty geriatric crowd with lots of special dietary needs. They were very accommodating. I would suggest you call them in Chinatown, explain what you need, and see if they can suggest a menu that would satisfy those needs.

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      Oops, I was talking about the Evergreen Shanghai.

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        [re Evergreen]
        Do you think it would be necessary to ask for a special menu, or are there enough lowfat choices for the one person who most needs them, anyway?

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          I think there would be enough choices, but I would discuss it with the manager to be sure.