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Apr 18, 2001 04:27 PM

Pergola Des Artistes?

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I was standing in line at the half-price ticket booth on Broadway today and a woman handed me a flyer for Pergola Des Artistes, a French restaurant in the theatre district, offering 10% off and a complimentary glass of wine with the flyer.

The flyer says they've been in business for over 35 years on West 46th Street, but I can't find a reference to this place on any of the websites I've searched. The fact that they're handing out flyers like this makes me a little doubtful, but I just thought I'd ask: has anyone heard of this place? Eaten there?

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  1. We have eaten there a number of times but only for lunch. It is country French so don't expect anything fancy. It is somewhat small and the tables close together. Lunch menu is very limited. We have enjoyed every meal we have had there. Give it a shot besides it's only $9.95 for lunch. Pastries are excellent also.

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      It's true, they have been there for 35 years, and, for me, it's one of the theatre district's best kept secrets! The owner, Christian, is a joy of a man, very savvy in both wine and food, and will guide you through a great meal if you ask him for a tasting menu! If you have the time, and are willing to trust Christian, let him order for you! Get there early, leave it to him, and you won't be sorry!