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Apr 17, 2001 05:04 PM

Great cheesecake in Chinatown

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Wong Wah,relatively new chinese bakery,makes great cheesecake.This is like a Chinese version of cheesecake.It's not creamy,cheesey, like one's at Junior's,Eileen's,Michael London.It's cakey,spongy type.But incredibly moist and delicate that give you creamy and silky texture,without dairy heaviness. It's pretty different from western standard,even sweetness is subtle.Locals know about this great cake,running out really quick.Go before 1PM.One slice costs only $0.50!!! 83 Canal (bet Allen&Eldridge)

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  1. OK, sold. We'll try it this week. Also, we agree with you that the bahn mi place on Broome is wonderful (although the chicken sandwich is slightly more expensive at $2.75!).

    What other NYC chinatown bakeries and specialties do you recommend?

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      Lucky star cafe(on Bowery,two stores north from chinatown arcade),New bakery,very tiny.This place makes a round shape black bean paste pie which has many slits on the edge.It looks like UFO!I've tried many bean paste pies,but I've never seen like this before.It has a nicely glazed top,beautiful shiny looking.You can tell that It's really freshly baked(actually kitchen is in the back).Out side is nicely flaky,inside is densely filled with the black bean paste which is not too sweet. So that sweetness doesn't overpower the flavor of black bean.If you like really sweet stuff,you may not like it.But I think this is the best black bean pie in chinatown.Oh,this pie has no English name,but you won't miss.Costs only $0.50!! Also don't miss the coconut pie,It's really good too! and Yes! It's $0.50!!again:) Preferably eat as soon as possible.There are two small tables inside.Other pastries are just OK. As a general rule for a bakery,Don't go late late afternoon or early in the evening. Get there while everything is fresh!I hope you'll like it.

      1. re: Aki

        Stopped by this afternoon.And I noticed a few changes.Price is $0.60 each.They finally put a name in English,called"Bean paste cake".Coconut pie/tart still doesn't have English name.Offical name of this bakery is Choy Gunn Heung,eventhough they put their name "Lucky cafe" in chinese at the store front.(I'm not chinese,though.) In addition,Wong Wah has a really really good coconut pie/tart too.Coconut filling contains lots of air.It's very fluffy texture. These two(Choy Gunn's&Wong Wah's)coconut pie/tart are the best in NYC chinatown,to my taste.

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          Thanks, Aki! On my last Chinatown foray nothing looked like their English labels--wound up getting something that wasn't at all to my taste (maybe preserved plum filling). Will try your suggestions.