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Apr 12, 2001 01:38 PM

I'm in mid-town chow hell!

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I've been temping in the West 40's, and have only found overpriced, tourist-driven dismal eating options. Did a search for mid-town Chowhound, but found mostly recs for East side.

Made the mistake of getting takeout from Dish of Salt (in my current office building). Terrible, flavorless fare. Only bonus in this area is getting Wagashi from Minamoto Kichuan (sp?) on 49th - in a pinch, I ate some of the bean paste treats for dinner yesterday I'm ashamed to say.

Anywhere one can get a reasonable, non-touristy meal? Takeout is preferred.

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  1. Head towards 8th and 9th avenue in the mid to upper 40's.

    1. There's an Afghan place on 9th Avenue between 52nd and 53rd that I like, but I forgot the name of it. Its a hole-in-the-wall, so it should be amenable to takeout. Lakruwana, a Sri Lankan restaurant on 44th Street between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue is very good, although I don't know how takeout-oriented they are. And although it's probably not takeout-friendly, Meskerem, an Ethiopian restaurant is sublime. It's at 47th Street just east of 10th Avenue.

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      1. re: Jack

        "There's an Afghan place on 9th Avenue between 52nd and 53rd that I like, but I forgot the name of it."

        Ariana, perhaps? I like them, and they're on that block.

        I also think mention should be made of Grand Sichuan International, which you could get takeout from, and Rinconcito Peruano. There's good lunch counter food to be had in the neighborhood, too - I recall having a perfectly good meal at a totally hole-in-the-wall Puerto Rican place I forget the name of a couple of years ago.

        1. re: Michael L.

          Agered. Also, I forgot to mention Chez Gnagna Koty's, a very tasty and creative Senegalese place, 9th Avenue between, I think, 37th and 38th.

          1. re: Jack
            Brian Lindauer

            I went to Chez Gnagna Koty's recently for lunch. The woman there insisted on us paying for our drinks, which were supposed to be included in the lunch special. We paid, but I won't be going back. I thought the food was inferior (the vegetables seemed frozen) to Keur 'n' Deye anyway.


      2. If you like falafel ;-) There used to be an excellent
        vendor cart on 46th & 6th, slightly off 6th Ave

        The value restaurants are in the 40s -50s along 9th Ave. A few smattering on 8th Ave. There are many pricey
        excellent sit-down restaurant in Midtown West too.

        Many years ago (I've not been there in years) there
        was Sapporo on 49th between 6th & 7th. It is a Japanese
        soup/noodle place. This should get you started.

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        1. re: Anil Khullar

          Moishe's Falafel should still be there (I actually stopped liking it awhile back even though people still swear it's the best--maybe it's the amount of oil or something).

          There's an Indian food cart on the NE side of 43rd and 6th where we get vegetarian plates.

          Now besides the new midtown bagel place on 44th, where can you get a decent, fairly-priced prepared salad?

          1. re: Loeb

            i haven't seen the cart this week...wondering if they've abandoned us?

            i agree it's not the best falafel. yes, a little too oily. but it's fairly good...and i haven't had any others in the area.

            is there better falafel in the vicinity?


            1. re: cj

              Moshe's falafel are good. I find their falafels a bit inconsistent at times -- sometimes really dry and mealy. I like the place on 48th between 5th & 6th at the end of the diamond district shopping alley between 47th and 48th. There's another falafel place in a former japanese restaurant on 45th or 46th street between 5th and 6th. Those are also pretty good.

              1. re: cj

                I'm sure they're just closed during Passover, not abandoning the business.

                1. re: cj

                  good news - moishe's falafel is back today after the passover hiatus. i just had an excellent sandwich. also, does anybody remember the brief thread last summer about a little peruvian woman on 46th between 5th and 6th who didn't even have a cart, just some food in plastic bins? i haven't seen her, but i've seen a man with the same setup, middle of the block on the north side - i didn't stop to ask what he had in the bins (stacked three high), but noted that he had a gym bag full of inca cola.

            2. Sapporo (49th/7th Ave) for ramen and domburis.
              El Margon (46th/6&7th Ave) for Puerto Rican food (good and cheap roast chicken pressed sandwiches -- much better than the cubanos).
              Cabana Carioca (45th/7th Ave) for Brazilian, and you have Brazilian Row (46th/5th&6th) for more.
              Afghan Kabob House (46th/6th&7th)-- one of the chains for decent kabobs.
              There's a Shanghai place for soup dumplings (not the best, but available in mid-town) called John's Shanghai (I think) on 47th/6th Ave.
              Virgil's BBQ (44th/7th Ave) ain't bad for sandwiches.

              Further afield, Dos Rancheros (38th/9th Ave) for mexican.
              I haven't even mentioned places on 8th and 9th Ave. There's plenty to explore around there.

              1. used to work in midtown, i *loved* going to 9th ave. for food during lunch. i made a post awhile back to (and i think anil followed it up, too?) but here's some, all bet 45-55:

                afghan kebab house (two locations; one by 6th avenue was closer), chanpen (thai), ponsri thai (48/8?), arriba arriba (mexican), the soup kitchen international (ie. soup nazi - but he's increased prices *so* much!), uncle vanya's (russian), i've heard nick's (greek), there's a brazilian place everyone else talks about, i've heard the delta place (48th?) is good soul, little saigon (viatnamese, so-so in my book), dive bar with good burgers on 46th/8th, and there's others. just wander up and down 9th avenue; that's what i did....

                also, indian place on 50th/broadway (chinar?) is ONLY good for takeout...

                good eating! - bob gaj

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                1. re: bob gaj

                  The Brazilian is Rice'n'Beans.