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Apr 12, 2001 10:37 AM

Vicarious review from a non-CH

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My dearly beloved,(a non-CH, though I am doing my best to teach him), who has been working monstrous hours, called from work the other day to say that his bosses had taken his team out to lunch to raise morale. I said "That's nice honey" thinking they had gone to Grand Sichuan or something of the sort. He then added, "We went to Le Bernardin." My jaw dropped, and I tried to squeeze all details out of him, knowing that I would not be able to afford LB any time in the near future. From my probing questions, I gathered this information:
1) It was good.
2) There was a lot of fish on the menu. He had some sort of fish dish.
3) They had some good wine -- some Chardonnay?
4) You could get meat too, but not very much
5) Dessert was some violet custard thing with candied violets, and that was REALLY good.

Imagine my frustration: I cannot vicariously experience Le Bernardin from THIS! If only it had been me. Food is wasted on the unappreciative.

So, if any of you go to Le Bernardin, have the violet custard thing, because I hear that it's really good. At please let me know how it was.

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  1. Don't forget the complementary Zagat guides! My wife and I had lunch there a few weeks ago, and it was quite good, but not on the level of Daniel, Jeanes-Georges or Le Cirque. I think the four course luncheon at Jeanes-Georges (plus the trio of amuse bouche) for $45 is the four star dining buy of NYC.

    1. Caitlin--now this situation is, I think, close to the ninth circle of hell, you poor, poor dear. Maybe if you check any spots on his tie there could be more clues?? Only answer, you go with him --office, schmoofice, next time

      1. Caitlin,

        I sure hope he has some other redeeming qualities.