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Apr 10, 2001 10:19 AM

Spanish/Latin American Saturday Lunch--NOT brunch

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First Question:

Where can I find a Spanish/Latin American (or tapas) lunch this Saturday (pleasant ambiance)that is NOT limited to brunch (so many places I called, are.) My visiting West Virginia friend is disabled--and we need to take a cab--so we're restricting the search to the West Side of the city from about 115th down to about 30th. (Easier to find a cab than from downtown, East, etc.)I live on the Upper West Side.

I've checked the chowhound "search." My choice would be Sabors on Amsterdam and 82nd--but they're limited to brunch, with only a couple of regional dishes. 'Tho I might take up the waiter's suggestion that I call the chef and ask if he'd cook one of the regional dishes normally on the evening menu.

I already know about: Campo, Pampas, the several Churasscurias, Calle Ocho, Via Brasil

Second Question:

My friends would also love to try Ethiopian--I have a list of restaurants from the Times--but does anyone know of a good Ethiopian place with a bit more ambiance for a leisurely meal?? Somewhere where my friend might be able to sit more comfortably (she is not in a wheelchair--but has a problem with her leg.)

Has anyone eaten at Ghion at 93rd and Amsterdam?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. As far as I know that El Malecon has lunch every day. Amsterdam between 97th and 98th Sts. It's not a _great_ restaurant, just a good, solid neighborhood place with daily specials and an a la carte menu - and nice roast chicken with excellent garlicky sauce.

    I see that everyone is calling Rinconcito Peruano "inconsistent." It may well be. I've been there once so far, and it was great. I figure they offer lunch, but since it's Easter, all bets are off - they may be closed for all I know. 9th Av. between 51st and 52nd St.

    No comments about Ethiopian food, which I don't think too much of, based on what I've eaten so far at Blue Nile et al. To me it's just OK and something "different," that's all. Though I could be missing the boat, I suppose.