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Apr 6, 2001 03:36 PM


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Has anyone eaten at Mare. We are interested in some comments before going. Looks and sounds good but would like more info.

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  1. I asked this same question just the other day. Am going to try to go tonight (they don't take reservations for parties of less than 5 and don't take credit cards.)By the time I tried to make a reservation for 5 people they said nothing was available except for 7 and 10 p.m.

    If I can get a table, will post later.

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      We are thinking about going tonight also. So I guess we both can talk about it later. How many people are you going with?

      1. re: WL

        I was there Friday night with three friends. I thought Mare was a fun convivial restaurant. The space is small but the high ceilings keep it from feeling claustro.

        Service was attentive and friendly and the seafood was very good and moderately priced. Will write more later about the food but I would definitely go back. I believe the Chelsea neighborhood needed something other than mostly generic pasta and continental food and Mare is on the mark.

        1. re: WL

          As much as my Chelsea neighborhood desperately needed a restaurant that wasn't simply a facade with bad generic food - especially a seafood one, my eating experience at Mare was mediocre with the exception of the oysters which were great (especially the Kumamotos). Otherwise, the talapia was a meager portion and not prepared too innovatively; same with my girlfriend's scallops, which were for the price were hardly ample enough . Excellent decor though with a tiled seafood bistro interior. Mare suffers from the same malady that afflicts most all the Chelsea restaurants on 8th avenue (notable exception Gascone; Bright Food Shop; Kitchen Market; Taza D'Oro for rice and beans): over-priced and not very good.

          1. re: andy

            My experience was a bit different from yours. Although I wouldn't call Mare a 'serious' seafood restaurant, everything my three friends and I ordered was very good. We skipped appetizers and I had the sauted lobster tail which was served out of the shell on a bed of vegetables for $21.95. One friend had grilled striped bass for around $17.95 and the other two both had grilled tuna which they liked. Prices were moderate (most fish dishes are about $17.95 with specials in the $21.95 range). For dessert, we shared a molten chocolate cake with ice cream that was rich and delish.

            I would definitely go back there because I do find so many Chelsea restaurants bland & boring. Mare had a European warm feel to it with a house party atmosphere. I agree with the good restaurant exceptions you listed and would also like to add Alley's End to that list.