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Apr 4, 2001 02:15 PM

Morrello Wine Bar & Cafe

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I ate here once when it first opened and it was excellent. I was thinkning of going back, but as you know, some places tend to go downhill after some time. Has this place gone downhill or is it still doing well?

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  1. Do you mean the Morrell Wine Bar, adjacent to the Morrell wine retail store in Rockefeller Center?

    If so, I was there about three months ago. The food wasn't bad. My $18 Cobb Salad was pretty good, actually, with fresh ingredients. However, the prices on the wine list are pretty laughable, as they are at the retail store next door. A glass of '97 Etude Pinot Noir (putting aside the issue that it needs about a year or two until it's ready to drink) was about $25, if memory serves. A glass! I bought entire bottles of this for $30 each. But what can you expect given the cost of Morrell's move (from Madison Ave.) and subsequent rents in Rockefeller Center?