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Apr 4, 2001 01:20 PM

Room to roam and to nibble?

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Like many, I am hoping for a suggestion:

a group of maybe 10-15 are hoping for somewhere from around the flatiron up to midtown (without going to far east or west) to meet.

The organizer is looking for, "just a place with a big bar area, room to roam, drinks and snacks/food."

Please, any suggestions so we don't end up somewhere with awful bar food and loud sports broadcasts would be highly appreciated.

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  1. Consider the Belmont Lounge (E.15th between Union Sq. E. and Irving Pl.). I've tagged along with friends on a few work-sponsored happy hours there, and it seems like a good choice for a larger group. There's plenty of room and the food is decent, considering that the place is first and foremost a bar. The atmosphere is very relaxed, although keep in mind that there may be dj's as it gets later. They have a website through that might be of help (don't be scared off by Citysearch's categorization of the place; IMO it's completely off-base).