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Apr 4, 2001 01:13 PM

Fondue -- Artisanal / Anyone try it yet?

  • j

The restaurant is not even a few weeks old yet... has anyone tried it yet?

Its on 32nd between Park and Madison (in La Coupole's old digs)... people have been clamoring for a good fondue place here for months, this very well could be it... Owned by Terrance Brennan of Picholine and Steak Frites...

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  1. j
    jonathan sibley

    I didn't try any of the fondues, but some friends and I had 2 cheese plates for a total of 12 cheeses. The cheeses are nicely displayed, and it is possible (at least it was that night) to go up and talk with someone who is familiar with the cheeses, so that one can get an appropriate assortment (I wouldn't count on the waiters I saw being equally knowledgeable about the cheeses).

    The cheeses we had were extremely good, as well as unusual. Even Gruyere, which one can find fairly good examples of at Wholefoods, for example, was a particularly good one.

    The wine list was interesting, but there is nothing like a diversity of cheeses to show how differently a wine can show from one cheese to another. This might be something to consider when putting the cheese plate together, if one is particularly interested in a specific wine.

    As for the fondues, they probably have a classic version, but I only remember some unusual ones that sounded gimmicky to me, although they might be tasty.

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    1. re: jonathan sibley
      Jason Perlow

      Hey thats great news, sounds like a great place. I'm actually not as jazzed about their fondues (which, sound really good) as their soupe le oignon gratinee which apparently uses a combo of gruyere and emmentaller, plus the broth is spiked with vermouth.. I'll do anything for a serious onion soup...

      1. re: Jason Perlow

        We tried the vacherin and porcini fondue for an appetizer and it was much better than any other fondue I've had in the city.

        1. re: cathy

          Ugh, oh god. I did not taste this fondue, but I feel like I might as well have, as the couple next to me and my mother ordered it. It sat there on the table, festering and smelling and wafting powerful gruyere oders all over the delicate assortment of individual cheeses i wanted to try. There should be a law against ordering fondue in August. Other than the stinkpot next door, and the generally poor decor & over noisy-ness, I really like Artisanal. Our waiter Mamoud was amazing - could not be more helpful, and yes, they really do have 250 kinds of cheese. I would go back, but more likely in the winter and during a quiet period (5pm on Tues?).