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Apr 3, 2001 09:09 PM

NGONI Sengalese Restaurant

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Has any one heard from the Ngoni Senagalese restuarant? They used to be between 27 and 28th st and six avenue around the flower district? They were there for about a decade, and had some of the best food in town: marvelous red rice, lamb and chicken in peanut sauce, and other sauces. They were really incredible. Finally they moved to somewhere near 11 ave in the 30's and started catering parties. But I can't find them today. Very worried.
If they're gone, what are people's opinions on other west african restaurants in town...

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    Asher Rubinstein

    Dick - Are you certain that Ngoni moved to 11th Avenue? I remember that it started on Sixth Avenue in the mid to high 30's and from there moved to a cross street just north of FIT. I ate at that last location about two years ago, and it appeared that the restaurant had taken on more of a nightclub feel, with a stage, lights, etc.

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      Dick Campbell

      It was definitely headed in the night club direction. I think I said "catering" above but that was incorrect. They were going towards renting out to private parties... ergo nightclub. However, they let me eat there. I was last there several years ago on I think eleventh... but they may have moved again...I'm going to walk about and see if they are still where you last saw them. They aren't in the phone book. Originally though they weren't in the high 30's but were for almost a decade in the high twenties on sixth. right next to Bernie's appliance... pretty sure it was between 28 and 27th st. I was often the only one in the place but the food brought tears to my eyes. My mother who is an anthropologist specializing in Africa loved it as well. I'll post something on the top of the board about the place I was in tonight: (april 4) Obaa Koryoe 3143 bway by 122nd street.