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Apr 3, 2001 05:08 PM

ISO Pizza

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I know there have been numerous posts on New York pizza, but I have yet to find a place that meets my expectations. I like thin crust (preferably somewhat blackened) pizza with melty cheese (not too little, not too much) and tomato SAUCE (garlicky and herby, not too sweet) NOT tomatoes or tomato paste. A plus is roasted peppers and sauteed onions, or at least peppers and onions which aren't still crunchy when you get the pizza. I STRONGLY prefer Manhattan, and someplace in/near Greenwich village would be ideal (Ideally their delivery range would include the corner of Mercer St and W. 3rd) Any suggestions?

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  1. My favorite is Lombardi's, on Spring Street in Soho. It's very thin, and they even have roasted peppers.

    I don't know if they deliver, but if not it's worth the trip!

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      I like Lombardi's a lot, but i think overall, the pizza in NYC is highly overrated. I'm originally from Philadelphia and I think the pizza is far superior there.


      1. re: yaacov

        Hey--I'm from Philly too. I'd agree that the pizza there is good overall, but probably not any better or worse than in New York. I've lived in D.C. and Chicago, too, and the pizza in those cities in no way compares to what you find here and in Philly. D.C. has only one good pizza place, and unless you like deep-dish then Chicago is a bust.

        As a kid, my favorite was going to Frank's on the Roosevelt Boulevard (near the old Sears that was torn down a couple of years ago). It was the best.

        1. re: gab

          That area wasn't too far from where I grew up - Oxford circle.

          Anyhow, I'm more specifically referring to the upscale pizza places here (Patsy's, etc.) that I think are barely average. Generally, excepting Lombardi's (which is very good), I used to eat much better pizza in philly. Can't speak to DC, etc., but i wouldn't expect much down there.

      2. re: gab

        Lombardi's does in fact deliver to the Village. For which I will be eternally in their debt.