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Apr 3, 2001 04:17 PM

Alamo on 48th

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A tequila afficianado friend of mine is coming to town next week. I heard Alamo on E 48th has a huge selection of tequilas. Does anyone know what the scene is like there or how crowded it would be on a Friday night? Thanks-

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    1. I used to work in that neighborhood, but haven't in at least 6 years. So I can't say what it's like now, though I imagine it's pretty much the same: a fairly mediocre Mexican place that gets pretty crowded with rowdy after-workers.

      One place that's s'posed to have a good tequila selection is Under the Volcano, on 36 b/w 5th and Mad. But, it's across the street from the Ginger Man, and every bit as much of a packed after-work scene.

      1. d/b/a is a bar on First Avenue and Second or Third Street and has an excellent beer, single malt scotch and tequilla menu, with a variety of choices and hard-to-find items. Plus, the vibe is very causual and down to earth, as opposed to a midtown after-work scene.