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Apr 2, 2001 06:35 PM

Blue Water Grill private party space

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Interested in anyone's experiences at the downstairs private party spaces at Blue Water Grill Union Sq & a6th. Good service or indifferent? Food? Thanks.

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  1. I had a party in the bank vault room there for 35 people and the service and the food were both awesome! It was professionally run and a pleasure to do business. My only complaint was that our friendly eager to please waiters allowed some guests to order off of the selected menu - which is a bummer if you are trying to keep to your budget.

    1. I had a party there for 25 people and it was outstanding! The room is great. All of the food was excellent. A variety of food was selected and absolutely everyone love what they had. The service was also great. I couldn't rave enough.