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Apr 2, 2001 01:33 PM

Bueno Sera

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Has anyone eaten here? What's your take? Not in Zagat---about 12th St. at University Place. Thanks

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    yvonne johnson

    someone posted a very negative report a few months back, but I can't find it using the search on home page. maybe i didn't spell it right, tho i did try various permutations.

    in any case i ate there soon after it opened (?8 yrs ago), not that great. i've not been back. I walk by it often. the food i see in front of diners seated by the windows never looks that appealing--if that's worth anything.

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      yvonne johnson

      i just passed the place, it's buono sera. this was the negative post by David Tillyer from a few months ago that i remembered. doesn't look promising!


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        yvonne johnson

        spelling poor....i knew it should be feminine (to correspond with feminine night i guess). but link *is* correct!

    2. I went there twice when I lived in the nabe, 6 or 7 years ago. Both times it was mediocre at best. I always wondered how it's stayed in business so long.

      1. live diagonally across from Buona Sera, so have experience...not worth a special trip at all by anyone but if you are in the neighbourhood and it's pouring rain and you can't walk another step and you don't feel like Patsy's again, go, but choose carefully. The daily special pasta is acceptable as is the papardelle with funghi porcini. the salads are fine, including a whole calamari one that they have...
        never, never get take out there - food goes down a notch which it can't afford...
        service people never seem to care or connect...