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Apr 2, 2001 01:06 PM

lunch suggestions - 26th St. & Park Avenue South

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Any ($10 and less) lunch suggestions for the Gramercy area of 26th St. & PAS?


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  1. if you go to 23rd there is Tossed for custom salads.
    when Globe opens again it is right there and good but higher priced a bit
    cut over to lex - 29-31 and there are Indian restaurants
    28th and 3rd Lannam is a Vietnamese bargain

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    1. re: marilyn
      Caitlin McGrath

      According to the NY Times, when Globe reopens it will no longer have carryout, just more expensive sit-down meals.

      You can get a good bowl of soup at Rungsit Thai on 23d between 3d and Lex. and decent fast-food Japanese nd sushi at Teriyaki Boy on Lex just below 23d is a bargain.

      Too bad about Daily Soup; it was the perfect answer...

    2. Lite Delight on Park and 27th has a good selection of healthy sandwiches and soups--veg and non-veg selections. Garden of Eden on 24th/Third has a good salad bar, plus good spicy shrimp sushi to go, and edamame. There's also a good bagel shop on the corner of 23rd & Third--forgot the name, but I like the bagels. Plus Kalustyans (sp?) is great; it's a perennial favorite on this board for Middle eastern platters and sandwiches (although I must say the last time I went the falafel was pretty dry). It's on Lex & 28th Street.